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I started out like anyone else. Average grades at school, enjoying a normal life with friends and family, with certainly no unusual skills whatsoever. Then at the age of 29, I began training my brain with the most efficient means possible. And the results are well documented.

Mattias Ribbing keynote "Your Optimized Brain"

2-minute video about my keynote "Your Optimized Brain"

Publicerat av Mattias Ribbing den 17 maj 2016

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Working as a teacher with a passion for optimizing learning, I went on a quest to fully master my memory and focus. The results have been beyond what many people think are possible.

To get the improvements officially recognized, I attended memory competitions. I became a three times Swedish champion and achieved the status of ”International Grand Master of Memory”. I am officially ranked as having among the best memories in the world of all times.

Nowadays I am a public speaker and educator who train people from all walks of life to maximize their cognitive performance. I have been invited to lecture at Harvard Business School  and my two books have sold over 45.000 copies in Sweden. My full works are now launched internationally, packaged as practical online courses.

See my talk from TEDxLundUniversity which features two ready-to-use tools to increase your learning abilities:

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1 exercise – big results

This unique exercise is called "Ribbing's bike". It'll give you the freedom to always keep 10 important things in your head, without effort or uncertainty. It takes 10 minutes daily, for 4 consecutive days to master. Then you have this powerful new skill to use in any life situation.

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a unique combination of show and efficient learning tools

International speaking engagements:

Harvard Business School, Boston

IIT Institute of Design, Chicago

Bulletproof Biohacking Conference, Los Angeles

Consulate General of Sweden, New York

Ericsson, Stockholm

Novartis, Copenhagen

Forum Business Magazine, Helsinki





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