Grand Master of Memory


"Entertaining, captivating and full of efficient methods that you can start applying right away. Me and many of the participants of the lecture have already started to use the tips with great success. I can warmly recommend Mattias as a speaker and inspirer for conferences and company events!"

Johan Möller, Business Unit Manager, Coor Service Management

"I will carry this lecture with me for along time. It was not only captivating and witty for the moment. It also gave me something deeper, an understanding of how our brain works. I got the feeling that if we want to, our capacities are next to limitless, but we do need to keep focus and do one thing at a time."

Lena Liljendahl, Communications manager, SABO

"It was your very inspiring lecture for us in the executive committee that led me to invite you on the go to lecture at our employee seminar a few days later. After the seminar we've had many positive comments on your participation and many of our co-workers say they already use the knowledge that you so skillfully presented, in their daily life."

Hans Håkansson, CEO, Norrvatten


"Mattias gave a very different kind of lecture that was amazingly thoughtful. He invited us to a whole new world that at first seemed abstract, but then passed into both reasonable and graspable. I have never become so curious before to try something new. His long-term vision to change pedagogics in schools makes it all even more interesting."

Leif Nyrén, CEO, Acclaro